Author: Gerald Vanderpuye

How Successful Tech Companies Differentiate Themselves From The Rest

In a crowded marketplace it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate your company’s product from the rest: even with an outstanding solution that has the potential to wow your prospects. Of course the first hurdle is to have a product that people want — although let’s face it there are plenty of SaaS tools out there that no one actually needs that still make money. The tech firms behind them are doing a great job of convincing customers that they ‘need’ their products and this is a key lesson we get taught at sales school — to identify the challenges...

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5 Simple Ways To WOW! Your Sales Prospects

A WOW moment is an experience that leaves a lasting impression. One of the most useful yet under-utilised tools for differentiating your sales is delivering moments of wow for your buyers. This is something we’re trying to get right at BuyerDeck. One thing I’ve learnt is that you don’t need a huge budget to create WOW moments. There are simple no or low cost things that you can do that will make buyers sit up and take notice, the trick is to use them consistently as part of your sales process. We’ve created a WOW moment you can experience...

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